After posters of singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey were spotted in locations across Los Angeles, fans started to suspect that the singer was about to return with some new music. Earlier in the month, Lana Del Rey registered a new song titled “Young & In Love” and the posters, true to their word, depicted a photo of the singer with “LOVE” written across the bottom.

On the 18th of February, Lana Del Rey released the track Love, and it’s safe to say… we are loving it! The song reminds us of her earlier career when she released hits including Summertime Sadness, Video Gamesand Blue JeansWith beautifully written lyrics and a soft, sultry voice, the song addresses the idea of being young and in love, where two teens feel the love for life, music, and each other. The song has no reservations, which stays true to the theme of young love. With her fearless and dramatic voice, Lana Del Rey may have officially stolen our hearts again. The singer has taken a new perspective on the notion of love since her first album and the song displays a lot of purpose. In this latest tune, she tells audiences that it’s okay to feel love and that the future is unclear- it’s okay to not be good enough for the future she sings. Lana Del Rey addresses the disillusionment of teenagers today, perhaps fitting in this decade where there is seemingly a big shift in the thought process of different generations. She talks of being fearless and free, two concepts we struggle to associate with love in this day and age. There seems to be more predictability in the direction of Lana Del Rey’s emotion in the latest song. A direction that inspires listeners and makes you feel and think as deeply as possible. We like where this is going and hope the rest of the album has this passion, direction, and dedication!

Lana Del Rey has been busy in the past few months. In 2015, she released the song “Honeymoon” and fans were expecting another album or single shortly after. However, Lana Del Rey spent a lot of time in the studio, as usual, perfecting her lyrics, style, and persona. Two years later, she has almost finished creating her next album which will be released sometime this year. Alongside creating her own new album, the singer features on the new hit single Stargirl, a song that has shot near the top of the charts from The Weeknd’s new hit album, Starboy. 

After we get wind of the new album release, we will definitely be expecting a world tour from the singer-songwriter. We will keep you posted when this happens! If you haven’t heard her latest song, Love, here is the official music video. The video has a definite vintage feel and looks a bit like an old, space-like James Bond film. With her vintage vibes, heart breaking lyrics, and relatable emotion, Love is sure to be one of the biggest love songs of the year!