In the last few years, we have seen the release of many incredible albums around the world. With the constant evolution of music, some bands completely change their style from album to album while others stick to a more specific style. As the world becomes more and more connected each day, we are able to share music from all corners of the earth. Bands that were once unknown can now use social media as a platform to achieve success and recognition.

One style that hasn’t changed much over the years in terms of popularity is the rock music scene. With the development of alternative rock, punk rock, indie rock, and hard rock, rock bands have been popular for as long as we can remember.

Here are some rock bands to watch out for this year. With talks of releasing albums and/or going on world tours, these bands bring some exciting sound and energetic performances to the world of music.


Arcade Fire

After releasing a song titled “I Give You Power” in mid-January, Arcade Fire announced they would be releasing a new album later on this year. The band, which is uniquely made up of many members who seem to come and go, have not released a single since 2013 when they released the quirky and popular song Reflektor. With talks of an album in the works, it is unclear if the latest song I Give You Power will feature on the new album. Arcade Fire often perform last minute surprise shows in cities across North America, so watch out on social media this year for any announcements or clues as to where one of their pop-up shows may be! The only concert they have scheduled so far this year in North America is at the Kanaval KANPE 2017 Festival held in their hometown of Montreal, Quebec.

Cold War Kids – L.A. Divine

The Cold War Kids have titled their sixth studio album L.A. Divine and will release the album on the 7th of April. Just earlier this month, the Cold War Kids released a single from the album titled Love is Mystical and the band are currently touring, where fans can hear many of their new songs. The Cold War Kids are currently on their Love is Mystical Tour from now until the end of September, hitting most states and provinces across the United States and Canada. With strong lyrics and great sounds to move to, the Cold War Kids bring plenty of energy to their live performances.


The Shins – Heartworms

The Shins have released one song from their latest album called “Name For You”. With the upcoming album titled Heartworms, this will be the indie rock bands fifth studio album. The Shins will start their tour in North America in early March, visiting plenty of states and provinces along the way, until the end of July where they will wrap up their tour at the WayHome Music and Arts Festival near Toronto, Ontario. With a constant flow of well written songs with a 1960’s pop beat, The Shins bring an old rock pop style into the future in an exciting and talented way. Heartworms will be released on March 10th, just in time for the North American Tour.

These bands are just the beginning of the rock album releases this year…and there’s plenty more exciting ones on the way, so stay tuned!