Just one month ago, Imagine Dragons newest song, Believer, hit radio stations and internet sites across the world. With the recent release of their latest song, Believer, it is clear that Imagine Dragons have been busy in the studio this year and that can only mean thing: they are recording their third album! While no release date has yet been set, there are talks that the album will definitely be released later this year. With their unique deep bass sound and powerful vocals and lyrics, Imagine Dragons continue to bring incredible quality music to the stage every time.

Imagine Dragons have had an incredible track record of success since they released their first studio album in 2012 titled Night Visions. The album featured their hit singles Radioactive and Demons. Radioactive took the world by storm with its incredible lyrics, powerful message, and unique combination of deep bass and strong drums.

Just three years later, the band were back with their second album Smoke + Mirrors. This album featured singles I Bet My Life and Gold. Smoke + Mirrors featured songs that were slightly more upbeat and less dark and edgy. However, with the return of Believer this year, it looks like the Imagine Dragons we known and love are back. Believer has a powerful message, the strong vocal sounds from lead singer Dan Reynolds, and an edgy sound that reminds us of their first album, Night Visions. With the return of this sound, we are sure their new album will be one to remember.


Since we don’t yet know when the album will be released, we can assume that the band will tour in 2018. However, if you can’t wait that long, you can catch Imagine Dragons in a couple of locations in the coming months:

Apr 03 – Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA

Jul 28 – WayHome Music & Arts Festival, Oro-Medonte, ON


The band will play to thousands of fans at the iconic Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles on April 3rd. Afterwards, they will head across the pond to parts of Europe, including Italy and France, and then head on to Russia to perform at concert venues across the nation. In late July, Imagine Dragons will play at the budding music and arts festival WayHome, which is a three day music festival held in Oro-Medonte, Ontario, Canada. With camping on-site, plenty of parties, and hundreds of talented performers and bands, this festival may be the perfect place to catch Imagine Dragons. By the summertime, they may even be ready to share more of their incredible new music with us!

Until then, here is their newest release, Believer:

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