It has been six years since the Gorillaz last released a studio album. We have been waiting patiently for Phase Four, having little or no indication as to if, or when, the band would unite to create more music. It seems that, finally, 2017 might be the year that we get some brand new material from the quirky and much loved Gorillaz!

The Gorillaz released two albums very closely together back in the late 2010’s. With the release of Plastic Beach in 2010 and The Fall in 2011, the band seemed to be on a writing spree. In an interview, lead singer and writer Damon Albarn stated that the band had enough Gorillaz music to release another album plus what seemed like a lot more. With so much material, it seems like the band are waiting to create the ultimate album. We will wait patiently for that!

shutterstock_326756864.jpgOnce the new album is released, the Gorillaz will head out on tour. Since we don’t know when the album will drop, we also don’t know when the tour will happen, although we can keep our fingers crossed for early next year. For now, the Gorillaz will play at Dreamland on Saturday June 10th, 2017 at in Margate, England during their own show titled Demon Dayz. If you happen to be in the U.K. during this time, you might just be lucky enough to catch any announcements the band make.

While no songs have yet been released under the new album name, the Gorrilaz recently released a new song called Hallelujah Money. With clear political intentions and powerful lyrics, the song has the same quirky Gorillaz beats with a bit of a different sound. It actually sounds like a lot of Blur’s stuff from the early 1990’s, which Damon Albarn wrote. You can check it out here and decide for yourself:

If you are looking for any clues as to when the album will be released, check out the band members Instagram and Twitter feeds. Clues have already led to the idea that the album may be released in just a couple of months as well as possible artwork for the new release.

While we ever so patiently wait, let’s listen to a couple of these Gorillaz classics!