Drake is no stranger to the limelight. The Toronto born actor turned singer started from the bottom, in a sense, and has achieved the ultimate fame. With four studio albums, two commercial mix tapes, and 1 brand new “playlist”, Drake has returned this year with the release of More Life. 

It seems that Drake made an artistic musical decision to create a playlist this year, instead of releasing yet another studio album. This comes at a time where art and innovation is the key to success in the music industry. With the release of his fourth studio album Views last year in 2016, Drake hit the charts at top speed as always, especially with his hit songs Hotline Bling and One Dance.

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The 22 track playlist, More Life, includes a few songs as always that will shoot Drake to the top of the charts once again. The already hit song Passionfruit is unlike anything else Drake has written and produced. With a chilled out electronic beat and soft lyrics, the R&B turned love song is sure to rock the charts. The song has an almost vintage feel to it, with a steady and modern blend of chill house beats. With a down tempo sound and a real summer vibe to it, Drake may just have written and produced the song of the summer.

A couple of other songs from the album seem to be receiving a lot of attention as well including Portland and Lose You. As usual, Drake has completely taken over popular music service provider Spotify, hitting their top 50 chart topping songs with almost half of the songs from his brand new playlist More Life. 

Although his albums often receive a lot of criticism, perhaps this playlist will be slightly different. Drake is often criticized for writing and producing a couple of incredible songs for each album and then filling the rest with songs that many people accuse of being filler type songs. Making artistic decisions, such as the creation of his playlist More Life, may be exactly what the Canadian born singer needs to avoid the critics and bask in the success he so much deserves.

Now the question remains, will Drake take the playlist More Life on tour?