A few days ago, Kendrick Lamar released a brand new song called HUMBLE. The song has hit the charts at top speed and has brought plenty of excitement about the forthcoming Kendrick Lamar album. Although HUMBLE. has received some criticism, including undermining particular groups of women, there is much anticipation for the album as a whole. The song is truly genius, as many of his songs are, and show the world the incredible creativity the rapper has.

In the past, Kendrick Lamar has released three albums including his first Section.80, good kid, m.A.A.d city, and his most recent, To Pimp a Butterfly. His albums have received incredible reviews in the past and have ensured the rapper is known as one of the greatest in the world, due to his incredible creativity and his mastermind lyrics that are so powerful.


Although we don’t yet know the title of the upcoming Kendrick Lamar album, we do have a clue that it might be released on April 7… that’s only four days from now! There has been a track list released online, however there is no confirmation that the following is correct. Especially since the album doesn’t even feature HUMBLE. or the recently released The Heart Part 4.

  • Purple Hibiscus
  • Counterfeit
  • Trust Everyone
  • Delusional (Like You Haven’t)
  • Product
  • Richard Nixon
  • None of Your Business
  • Double Standards
  • If You Had Me, You Lost Me (Interlude)
  • Commercialized, Failed Experiments
  • Ten Steps
  • Paranoia, Is Love Stronger Than Death?
  • Rest in Paradise (Interlude)
  • Swim with the Fishes (God Said)

One thing we do know about the album is that it will have a more religious undertone. As you can also tell from the latest song, HUMBLE., the sounds of the album seem harder and harsher. We can’t wait to hear the rest!

As for upcoming shows, Kendrick Lamar will headline Coachella Music & Arts Festival in Indio, California. He will play both weekends on April 16 and April 23.  On May 5th, Kendrick will play at Bayfront Park on May 5 in Miami, Florida.

If you haven’t yet heard his latest track, here is HUMBLE.