Best known as being one of two famous brothers of the legendary British rock band Oasis, Noel Gallagher is set to release his third solo album on November 9th, 2017. We currently don’t know what the album will be called, however Noel Gallagher mentioned that the album is completely finished, mastered, and ready for the world to hear. Still, we will have to wait until November 9th! Noel has spoken out about the new album saying that just days before it was completed, things were still constantly changing and adjustments to the sound of some songs were being made. He stated that he would never make an album again without making last minute changes depending on his mood and what was going on around him and the world. Noel performs alongside his band The High Flying Birds.

Noel Gallagher began his solo career in 2011 when he released his first solo album called Chasing Yesterday. The album received mixed reviews and was followed up with his second solo album in 2015, which received much better reviews, called Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds. Noel had big shoes to fill after the success of Oasis. Oasis took Britain, Europe, and eventually the rest of the world by storm in the 1990’s when they released some of the biggest British rock hits the country had seen since the mid 60’s and 70’s. Releasing seven studio albums, with their last in 2008, Oasis often told the British media that they would be “bigger than The Beatles”. In the late 2000’s, the band unsurprisingly fell apart, which for many years had so obviously appeared like a ticking time bomb.


What is most notable about the release date of Noel Gallagher’s third solo album is that it will hit stores around one month after his brother and former Oasis bandmate Liam Gallagher will release his latest solo record. While the two brothers Liam and Noel have had many epic public fights and insults shared between them over the last couple of decades, this year has marked one of the first that Noel Gallagher has not publicly responded or retaliated to his brothers insults. Earlier this year, Liam referred to his brother as the “creepy one from Oasis” as well as calling him a “potato”. Perhaps Noel Gallagher’s best revenge is served up in the form of a new album, which may take the spotlight away from his brothers brand new solo album.

Noel Gallagher will rock out as one of the opening acts for U2 during some of their European leg of the 2017 Joshua Tree Tour. This tour will commemorate the incredible Joshua Tree album released by the band in 1987. Hopefully during this tour, we will be able to hear some of Noel Gallagher’s new material live. Unfortunately, almost all of these shows are sold out due to the incredible demand for tickets to see U2. If you already have tickets you are all set, but if you don’t, good luck!

Check out the tour dates here:

July 08 – Twickenham Stadium, London, UK (Supporting U2)

July 09 – Twickenham Stadium, London, UK (Supporting U2)

July 12 – Berlin Olympic Stadium, Berlin, Germany (Supporting U2)

July 15 – Rome Olympic Stadium, Rome, Italy (Supporting U2)

July 16 – Rome Olympic Stadium, Rome, Italy (Supporting U2)

July 18 – Barcelona Olympic Stadium, Barcelona, Spain (Supporting U2)

July 22 – Croke Park, Dublin, Ireland (Supporting U2)

July 25 – Stade De France, Paris, France (Supporting U2)

July 26 – Stade De France, Paris, France (Supporting U2)

July 29 – Amsterdam Arena, Amsterdam, Holland (Supporting U2)

July 30 – Amsterdam Arena, Amsterdam, Holland (Supporting U2)

Aug 01 – Stade Roi Baudouin, Brussels, Belgium (Supporting U2)