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On Friday June 30th, R&B girl band TLC released their last album ever. The self titled album, TLC, was released the same day as “4:44”, the brand new Jay Z album. This resulted in many fans missing the release of the album by the now two strong girl group.

In early 2015, TLC took to the internet to tell fans they planned to release their last album and needed funding via a Kickstarter campaign. Less than 48 hours later, after requesting a goal of $150,000, TLC had managed to raise $400,000, making them the fastest band to date to raise money via the website. The self titled album TLC features 12 tracks including a song featuring Snoop Dogg.

Here is the track listing for TLC:

  1. No Introduction
  2. Way Back (Featuring Snoop Dogg)
  3. It’s Sunny
  4. Haters
  5. Perfect Girls
  6. Interlude
  7. Start A Fire
  8. American Golf
  9. Scandalous
  10. Aye Muthafucka
  11. Joy Ride
  12. Way Back (Featuring Snoop Dogg) – Extended Version

The deluxe edition also features remastered versions of some of their hit songs including No Scrubs, Creep, Unpretty, Baby-Baby-Baby, and Diggin’ On You.

Over the course of their career, American girl band TLC released a total of five albums. In 1995, they rose to fame with their iconic song “Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls”. During the release of their next couple of albums, the all girl band released another few classic hits including “Girl Talk” and “No Scrubs”. 

In 2002, one of the bands members known as Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes was killed in a tragic car accident in Honduras. On the brand new album, TLC feature Lopes speaking in one of the songs.

TLC is available on Spotify and Apple Music. Check out the album and let us know what you think!