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Miley Cyrus is set to release a brand new studio album on September 29th called “Younger Now”. This will be the actress turned singer-songwriter’s sixth studio album since she turned to music in the mid 2000’s. In the past few years, Miley Cyrus has seemingly struggled with her image, changing from her good girl adolescent days on T.V. as Hannah Montana to her wild teenage years known for her provocative performances at music award shows. Now 24, Miley Cyrus seems to be turning back time with her “Younger Now” album.

Miley Cyrus has not yet released a track list, however an image that appears to be the album artwork has been released. So far, we have heard two singles from the album including “Malibu” and “Inspired”. Speculation has taken place that Miley may be returning to her country roots, especially considering the look of the album artwork. However, neither single that has been released so far is heavily influenced by the country music scene. Perhaps this album will be a slow movement back into her roots of country music and life.

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Miley Cyrus released her first new single “Malibu” back in May of this year. The song is a love song written for her long term Australian actor fiance Liam Hemsworth. The song doesn’t have much of a country vibe to it, similar to her second single “Inspired” which was released in June, just in time for Pride Month. The American singer-songwriter has always been a big activist when it comes to political and social movements.

With her country singer father Billy Ray Cyrus and her world famous godmother country singer Dolly Parton, Miley Cyrus has country roots in her blood. Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, the singer’s father has spoken out about the new album saying that Miley Cyrus is “leaning into her roots more than ever”, which he says is “honest for her”. Only time will tell if other songs on the album are of the same or different styles.

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If you are looking to catch Miley Cyrus live this year, head to the iHeart Radio Music Fest in Vegas. It’s the only show the singer-songwriter has planned for the next few months until she releases her Younger Now tour dates.

Check out the location here:

iHeartRadio Music Festival 2017, T-Mobile Arena, Las Vegas, NV

If you haven’t yet heard her first two singles from “Younger Now”, check them out here:

Stay tuned for any updates on the album including the track listing and any possible collaborations as well as any sign of a possible future tour for “Younger Now”.