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Canadian born rocker Bryan Adams has revealed that he will release a brand new album on November 3rd. Making music for almost 40 years, Bryan Adams is most famed for Summer of ’69, however he has a slew of other incredible songs and thirteen prior albums, not including his live recordings. Adams last album was only released in 2015, just two years ago. His new album will be titled “Ultimate” and will be available online as well as in stores. Fans can purchase his new studio album on poplar music outlets like Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play. 

Bryan Adams teased fans on Facebook with a short clip of a new single from the album called “Please Stay”. He also released an image, which may be the album cover art, however it is currently unknown. Adams did mention that the new single, “Please Stay”, will be released on October 13th, which is this coming week!

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While most information on the album is currently unknown, we do know that Bryan Adams has kept himself busy this past year. The Kingston born singer-songwriter played at the Invictus Games closing ceremony in Toronto last month alongside the legendary Bruce Springsteen. Prior to that he helped to co-host the Canadian Juno Awards and performed alongside other artists to sing a modern rendition of Summer of ’69, which you can check out here:

Bryan Adams has also been touring his 2015 album “Get Up” rather extensively this year. While we have no information on possible tour dates for the new album “Ultimate”, you can still catch the rocker playing shows across the world including in Mexico, Europe & the UK, the Middle East, South Africa, New Zealand, and finally back to Europe. These shows span the remainder of 2017 as well as into 2018.

Rumour has it that Bryan Adams is also working on songs for a brand new Broadway musical that will hit theatres in North America in late 2018. The show is rumoured to be based on “Pretty Woman”, the hit 90’s film featuring actress Julia Roberts. 

We will keep you updated with any new information on the upcoming album, but for now, no new music calls for a couple of throwbacks!