In the past week, a few artists have revealed they will be releasing new albums in the coming months. From pop tunes to r&b, here is a round-up of a few artists that have revealed details about their brand new upcoming studio albums.

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Tove Lo

Album name: Blue Lips

Release date: November 17, 2017

Swedish singer-songwriter Tove Lo has announced the release of her second album which will be titled Blue Lips. Due out on November 17th, Tove Lo is known to push the boundaries and create very intimate and seductive tunes. In 2016, the singer released her first album which was titled Lady Wood. With 12 tracks, the album also featured rapper Wiz Khalifa. One single has been released from the new album called “Disco Tits”. If you haven’t yet heard it, you can listen to it at the bottom of the page. Not much is yet known of the new album, however you can check out the album artwork below.

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Album name: Head Over Heels

Release date: “Coming Soon”

Not much is known about the new Chromeo album, however the band did reveal that it will be called Head Over Heels and announced to fans that they will release a new song on November 7th…that’s just a few days from now! Earlier this year, Chromeo remixed Lorde’s new song Green Light, however before that their last release was from their album White Women, which was released back in 2014. Stay tuned for more details on this one!

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Album name: Utopia

Release date: November 24th, 2017

Bjork is back and set to release her new studio album, Utopia, on November 24th. Much like her other music, this album seems like it’s going to be equally as magical. So far Bjork has released one single, The Gate, and has reflected on her latest album creation as one of the most nourishing and profound trips yet. You can check out the insane cover art that Bjork shared with fans here:

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In case you haven’t yet heard Tove Lo’s newest single or Bjork’s, here they are: