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Neil Young is set to release a brand new album on December 1st titled The Visitor. Featuring the band Promise Of The Real, the new album contains only 10 tracks which can be seen below. Now 72 years old, this will be the 44th album, and 39th studio album, from the Canadian singer-songwriter!

Neil Young released his first self-titled album in 1969. Over the years, he has had some incredible well known hits including “Hey Hey, My My”, “Harvest Moon”, “Heart of Gold”, and “Like a Hurricane”. He has released hundreds of other tracks in the last four decades. Last year, Promise Of The Real toured with Neil Young during his EARTH tour and were even considered his backing band. This year, he has produced the entire album with the band.

The album artwork for The Visitor has been released and can be seen here:

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Check out the track list for The Visitor:

  1. Already Great
  2. Fly By Night Deal
  3. Almost Always
  4. Stand Tall
  5. Change of Heart
  6. Carnival
  7. Diggin’ A Hole
  8. Children Of Destiny
  9. When Bad Got Good
  10. Forever

While no tour dates for Neil Young and Promise Of The Real have yet been announced, Neil Young will perform live in Canada and stream it on Facebook. Stay tuned for any updates on a possible tour from the legendary Neil Young.

If you haven’t yet heard the first track, “Already Great”, you can listen to it here: