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To be released next year, a brand new album of unreleased songs by Jimi Hendrix will hit stores and online. Comprised of unreleased hits between his hey days of 1968 and 1970, the album will be titled “Both Sides of the Sky”. The album will be released on March 9th of 2018.

Both Sides of the Sky will feature 13 tracks in total, with 10 completely unreleased tunes. Jimi Hendrix joined the club when he died alongside many other incredible artists at the age of 27. Since his death in 1970, Both Sides of the Sky will mark the third album in a trilogy of albums released in memory of the legendary guitarist. In 2010, “Valleys of Neptune” was released followed by “People, Hell and Angels” in 2013. Both Sides of the Sky is said to be the last in the series of albums, however the producer Eddie Kramer said another could come along if someone were to find old Hendrix music in their attic or basement that could be re-worked.

Furthermore, Kramer stated that some original audio and video footage of Hendrix will likely be released. Although these tracks were created over 45 years ago, todays technology has allowed for an incredible re-work of the tunes. Currently no track list has been revealed, so stay tuned for more details!

And for now, a couple of throwbacks: